LiveCode won't recognize my stack

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jan 1 19:48:20 EST 2020

Bill Vlahos wrote:
> Richard,
> I’m running the different versions of LiveCode on the same Mac and looking at the same file so I don’t think the OS is affecting this.
> I’m just asking if there is a stack with the correct name and getting “false” as the answer if using LC 9.5.1.
> If I ask for “file” and not “stack” then the result is “true”.
> The path to the LicenseKey.IW file is correct at: /Volumes/HP c310w/InfoWallet 1.4/Info Files
> Here is the error message:
> Executing at 4:47:43 PM on Tuesday, December 31, 2019
> Type: Chunk: can't find stack
> Object: stack '/Volumes/HP c310w/InfoWallet 1.4/Info Files/'
> Line Num: 26
> Hint: populateFileList
> Comments: 
> I think LC must have changed how they are validating “stack” in version 8 compared to version 7.

Maybe, but if so it's happening in a way not even Mark Waddingham is 
aware of (see his earlier post), and in ways I've never seen (and I do 
some weird things with stack files).

Most interesting here is that "is a file" returns true while "is a 
stack" returns false.

Were both of those tests run in the standalone?  MacOS changed some 
aspects of how apps are allowed to address contents of its internal 
bundle folders a while back, but I would be surprised if those come into 
play only when testing "is a stack" but not "is a file".

Is the stack file openable in the IDE?

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