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On 2/21/20 2:10 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
> The only reason I have more than one instance is because there are href links inside the 
> metadata spans, and LC translates that into separate metadata spans if there is more than one 
> link, or there's a line break. If it would honor the entire span regardless of those, then each 
> metadata tag would be unique. Some of my metadata needs to span more than one line, and/or 
> contain multiple inner links.

Here's a mockup of the type of htmltext I'm working with. This one has three duplicate 
instances of the metadata:

<p spaceabove="3"><span metadata="12345">Suspendisse nulla neque, dapibus quis sapien vitae <a 
href="#fn4"><font size="20">* </font></a></span><span metadata="12345">in est metus<a 
href="#fn5"> porttitor ligula augue,<font size="20">* </font></a></span><span 
metadata="12345">tortor vestibulum adipiscing dignissim<a href="#en31"> nulla.° </a></span></p>

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