text copied form LC generated PDF, WTF?

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Tue Feb 18 17:28:17 EST 2020

 > Not to forget SpreadLib..... ;)

Since you mention it, SpreadLib is not forgotten at all! Proud that 
SpreadLib was first, and is best, of its type. SpreadOut, especially, 
has come a long way since last public release. Looking forward very much 
to that update.

Most addons have progressed with features and fixes privately, and are 
waiting for official release, but releases take some time in themselves, 
and client deadlines always have to come first. We have some clients 
here that could vouch for both parts of that statement. :)

(I'm physically handicapped with some taxing health limitations, thus my 
active time is finite, determined by actual daily energy/strength and 
endurance, without anywhere near as much choice or freedom over my 
remaining time as most people take for granted. So clients get heavy 
priority, but addons are never forgotten and the work continues. Nor is 
this list ever forgotten, although I can't afford to be very vocal here 
beyond the occasional quick joke or brief comment. Mostly I'm a reader! 
Not by choice.)

LC's "infinite bugs" increasing in tempo since LC7 and frequent breaking 
changes have outpaced me at times, providing an ever-shifting foundation 
for building upon. Breaking things is usually easier and faster than 
cleaning up. In fact, I've devoted an amazing amount of my entire career 
to finding, documenting, and developing high-quality workarounds for 
these IDE and engine bugs - and it seems that we're just getting started.

But here's the good news - I'm adjusting strategies and tactics to that 
reality, having finally accepted it as the norm to expect now and 
perhaps forever. So I'm also developing new tools to gain the upper hand 
again in this Age of IDE Bugs, and therefore confident that I will 
indeed have the last laugh on this subject of my delayed progress (ha 
ha) and get addon updates back on a much more regular schedule, among 
other things that are likely to cause a big splash - perhaps even shake 
up the industry a bit! :D

Another high priority for update release this year is WordReport - quite 
a lot of inquiries lately, which are pushing it toward the top of my 
list. Yep, it's coming, and it's going to reach new heights. Thanks to 
all for your feedback and support! Exciting things are on the way.


About the subject of copying and pasting to/from LC, here's a current 
bug that's easy to workaround, but also easy to forget to workaround - 
and can cause mayhem:



BTW, it's a tad difficult to completely ignore "WTF" posts, and my post 
here was a joke on two levels, the first of which Klaus immediately 

But the second level had a more serious undercurrent, and it's why I 
posted a reply in the first place: is WTF considered completely 
squeaky-clean and shock-free nowadays? Has it, along with its component 
words, been completely sanitized for all ages and audiences? And if so, 
then logically: why unfailingly abbreviate, without ever using the 
component words every now and then for variety, and also why not use 
something a little more risque and exciting than a plain-old 
unprovocative WTF? :)

Thus the WTF file format, since it is so often mentioned here lately.

Take care and enjoy coding, everyone....

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

WordLib: Take charge of MS Word and OpenOffice documents
SpreadLib: "Excel-lent" spreadsheet import/export for LC

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