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> Here is a fun sidenote. Windows 7 has also lost support from Microsoft as
> of Jan 14, 2020. Microsoft provides a program called Extended Security
> Updates.
> This program buys companies up to three years of support. It is my
> understanding that the program is expensive. The program is for big
> businesses and not available to individuals.
> So, if you are developing for organizations that rely on Windows 7, this
> may be useful for your next meeting with IT.
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> >

Thanks for sharing that Mark. I wasn't aware that Microsoft had this

My company recently announced that we are dropping official support for
Windows 7 with our next desktop update. We won't stop it from working but
we will no longer test new features on it. We haven't had anybody write
back requesting that we continue to support it. As a reference, our
customer base is made up of small to medium businesses as well as larger

Trevor DeVore

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