revprintfield and RIGHT tabalign?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Feb 14 11:09:04 EST 2020

Klaus wrote:

 > Hm, I applied the fix here, but now the last column is completely GONE
 > (not visible in the printout)!?

Hmmm...It worked when I tested here, but I can imagine a scenario where 
the tabstops may result in a boundary outside the bounds of the field, 
such as if your field is wider than the field used in the printed page.

For that you may need to add one last tabstop to make sure right-aligned 
text isn't rendered outside the object's rect.

 > And if the TABALIGN was not repected, why did the columns (NOT the
 > TOTAL Line) appear correctly aligned?

tabAlign is like textAlign but for a given column (tabstop), not to be 
confused with tabStops, which govern the boundaries of columns.

Left alignment is the default so those columns render well without 

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