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i just did a short test

this works so far
put "Key:e9242121ffd235b16f06c6e09cfd4373d18aa85d77dab4b858601051d4dd5b914ec298a3a29520ab" into pHeaders
put tsNetGetSync("", pHeaders, rOutHeaders, rResult, rBytes) into tResult

tResult contains the same value as  the one returned executing curl via shell.

The only thing i don´t know is where and how to add the Accept:=application/json

Matthias Rebbe
Life Is Too Short For Boring Code

> Am 13.02.2020 um 22:27 schrieb Andrew Bell via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> An API that I use was sunset on 2020-02-01 so I need to convert my previous stack calls from their v1 to v2 format. The original method was a simple url post but the updated method uses GET via curl. I was able to convert my calls to the new format, and can successfully get data when using curl through Terminal, but can't figure out how to properly curl in LiveCode.
> There are several old posts (mailing list and forum) that explain how to setup httpHeaders then POST or PUT using libURL, but I can't seem to find a GET option. Running a shell command works, but I'd prefer a method that ports to mobile if possible. I tried a couple tsNet commands, but keep getting assorted 4xx response codes...
> tsNetGet - 422
> tsNetCustom - 400
> tsNetPost - 405
> Can anyone explain how to issue this curl command through tsNet or libURL and read the JSON that is returned?
> curl -G --header "Key:e9242121ffd235b16f06c6e09cfd4373d18aa85d77dab4b858601051d4dd5b914ec298a3a29520ab" --header Accept:=application/json --data ipAddress=
> That is a working API key that I'm willing to throw away now that is public.
> v1 of API is @
> v2 of API is @
> --Andrew Bell
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