Synchronisation of sound and vision

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Wed Feb 12 05:25:29 EST 2020

Folks, forgive my ignorance, but it’s a long time since I considered the following and wondered what pitfalls there are.

I have in mind a project where a recording of someone reading a poetry text (“old fashioned” poetry in metrical lines) needs to be synchronised to the display text itself on the screen, ideally so that a cursor or highlight would move from word to word with the speaker, although that would almost certainly involve too much work for the developer (me), or at least highlight lines as they are being spoken. I see that one would inevitably have to add cues to the spoken text file to fire off the highlighting, which is indeed an unavoidable amount of work, but can it be done at all in LC? For example, what form would the cues take?



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