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Sat Feb 1 21:20:51 EST 2020

If I understand correctly:

What you want will be done soon, in a limited way, with the "html5IDE"
(but without debugging!). The html5Player is not for that (**).

You have there a propertyInspector, scriptEditor (and Dictionary).
Everything is done in the browser. Then standard saving (when
implemented) will go to the downloads folder.
This could be reduced to the propertyInspector in your case.

Saving/uploading to the server will be server dependent. Perhaps it
would be best if Mark Talluto could come in with his work at that point.

Loading from the server is without problem and it is not necessary to
refresh the browser (loading the IDE is slow). One could simply load
again the own stack or a new/updated template.

The html5IDE will load much faster in the future, currently the same
engine is loaded six(!) times, that will go down to two times, could
go down to one time in your case.
Sadly this will be still too slow for mobile.

(**) You can't edit stacks in the html5Player which may be used this
way for (fast) development:

You have locally the LC-IDE open with an ordinary stack that should
become a HTML5 standalone.
1. You load the html5Player once.
2. You drop repeatedly the local stack (while it is saved but still
open in the IDE) to the html5Player for testing. Whenever the local
stack is closed in html5Player it will be deleted from browser RAM.

> BR wrote:
> I have a real use case...create a design environment that people can
> easily add thing to a rect (414w x 726 tall) that represent a stack.
> EG of how it would be used.
>   1.  Say we  get 5 people on SKYPE and they all open the "design" …
>   they add a simple control (image, fld, graphic rect) and save it
>   2.  It would have to be save an SVG to the server OR its saves a
>   stack to the server
>   3.  everyone refresh their broswer. It get the svg from the server
>   OR it get the stack from the server. and displays it.
> Could be done asynchronistically, user work alone. Someone loads with
> page, it fetches the stack.
> I know it see link we are inventing the wheel once again, but all the
> players out there over complicated the "thing"
> It would act like a "white board wiki for LC Design"

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