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Sat Feb 1 18:12:09 EST 2020

"Can you save"

To which you supplied a lengthy answer, thank you.

I have a real use case:

I looked at all the collaborative "white boards" on the market. There are 10 that only have free version that allows a limit number of people participating. All too complicationed and unnecessarily over-engineered from what we want to do. Other design environment require a skill level, learning curve/price that is too steep.

simply: create a design environment that people can easily add thing to a rect (414w x 726 tall) that represent a stack.

EG of how it would be used.

  1.  Say we  get 5 people on SKYPE and they all open the "design" … they add a simple control (image, fld, graphic rect) and save it
  2.  It would have to be save an SVG to the server OR its saves a stack to the server
  3.  everyone refresh their broswer. It get the svg from the server OR it get the stack from the server. and displays it.

Could be done asynchronistically, user work alone. Someone loads with page, it fetches the stack.

I know it see link we are inventing the wheel once again, but all the players out there over complicated the "thing"

It would act like a "white board wiki for LC Design"

Added to html5Player (v103 alpha)

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