HTML5 deployment

hh hh at
Sat Feb 1 12:37:34 EST 2020

> Sean wrote:
> 4. As with 3 also, emscripten itself has capabilities built in that will
> allow for this so I will more likely utilise these rather than use JQuery.
> The idea will be to handle as much as possible within the emscripten code
> and have minimal stuff within the HTML output other than anything the user
> wants to add in.

[JQuery is only used for easier identifying DOM objects.]

When doing "windowing" also look at the current implementation of
This is not correct as it doesn't respect the scroll of the browser window
what creates "jumping" stack windows.

> 5. Thinking ahead, a way to add in JS functions an LC developer would want
> included in the HTML output (from within LC) would be useful. Perhaps a
> stack custom property that can hold the whole JS code that gets inserted at
> deployment so that it builds as self contained. And/Or a way to access,
> manipulate and/or set parameters of the HTML from within LC before
> deployment (not at runtime). This could then include things like custom
> layouts, loading bars, screen size handlers, php/Ajax/jquery comms, etc. 

Please leave out such things. These are extensions.
But we could build a separate library of JS-extensions (updated with
actual things from JS/CSS) that can be loaded if needed.
And every beginner can insert JS from any LC container (do fld "JS1" as

Thinking ahead?
I'll extend my list not before 1.-4. is done: What I dislike most with LC
is that too much projects are only halfway finished.

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