Strange behavior between Mysql, MariaDB and SSL.

Heriberto Torrado htorrado at
Thu Aug 27 12:33:03 EDT 2020

Got it, but it could be a problem for mobile users.

I know how to create a ODBC connection on Windows/Linux/Mac, but doing it on
Android it's out of my reach.


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Just a heads up, ODBC is a local service, not a network protocol. You have
to create a DSN on the client OS which handles the network communications
for you. So every client that connects will need to have this DSN set up
first. For the experienced, this is no big deal, but for the first time
initiate it can be confusing.

Bob S

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Hi Matthias,

Do you mean connecting to MySQL using ODBC instead of the built-in LiveCode
MySQL client?


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