Strange behavior between Mysql, MariaDB and SSL.

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Wed Aug 26 18:57:05 EDT 2020

Hi Bob,

It worked from Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Your idea sounds really good, but to be honest, I'm pretty busy these days and I wouldn't like  to deal with making middleware.
I just looking for a quick fix.

Maybe in the future, I’ll have to do it.


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mySQL for which platform? Last I checked, the build for Windows did NOT support encryption. There is a special branch that does, but I could never get it to work.

What I came up with is an agent that resides on the SQL server, built in Livecode that listens for connections. It then handles the queries locally and returns the data.

The client and Server encrypt the data before sending it using a method only I know, so it’s very secure. The communications are done but I haven’t done the actual query side yet. That will be a half day’s work at most.

I think this client server approach is far better than native encryption, because I control the method and use a technique where even if someone tried brute force, or somehow discovered the key, they still could not decrypt the data, and wouldn’t know why.

Bob S

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Dear livecode programmers,

For a few years we ran an internal app that accessed a MariaDB database (no PHP or LiveCode Server middleware, just a raw connection) using SSL.
The server running the database is old, so we moved to a new one.

The new one comes with a Mysql 8 Database instead of MariaDB and the SSL encryption suddenly stopped working.

The new MYSQL database has a working SSL encryption cert (Let's encrypt).

There are the tests:

*From the server:*

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