Adding items to a group

Jimmieson, Phil phil at
Wed Aug 26 05:06:35 EDT 2020

Hi folks,
The app I’m currently working on features a poem presented as a series of fields (each containing one word of the poem) all grouped together, so that the poem can be scrolled vertically by the user. I need to be able to add extra words to the poem as the user drags them in from a set of words above the poem area. Currently I am doing this by ungrouping the poem, adding the new field to the list of group items and then re-grouping everything.  I know you can reorder group items, and move things in from outside, but the documentation seems to suggest that the number of items in the group will stay the same - if one item is moved in, another will be moved out. Is there another way to add an item to a group, or is ungrouping then regrouping but with an additional item in the list of items the only way?

One thing I’m considering is having a set of dummy hidden items already in the group and making one of those look like the word the user just dragged in - thus it’s already a member of the group and can be scrolled etc with the rest. Can anyone think of any better ways of doing it?


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