Cross Platform Font Layout - current workarounds

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 25 20:40:19 EDT 2020

Sean Cole wrote:

 > Spelling it out to you, here are all of the related bug reports.
 > Confirmed bug reports. Confirmed they are bugs. Bugs that Can and
 > Should be fixed. It won't take 10s of 1000s of $ as whatshisface
 > Gaskin made it seem.

Embedding a replacement font rendering subsystem to bypass the 
OS-supplied one would be a feature request, not a bug report. :)

And I missed that feature request among the grab-bag collection of 
Bugzilla URLs you included. Has anyone ever actually requested that?

As for cross-platform rendering consistency, you seem to be confusing a 
file format specification with an implementation of a system which uses 
that format.

Yes, we all remember the TrueType rollout, and the promise of a 
single-file, cross-platform font definition.

But for that format to provide pixel-perfect matched rendering requires 
all renderer implementers to use the same code.  And as you know, they 

This is true with all sorts of formats. If you've ever written a web 
page you've no doubt enjoyed discovering the breadth of ways browser 
implementers can interpret simple HTML.

I noticed you ignored the screen shot I prepared for you, which 
illustrates platform disparities with both font and HTML rendering. You 
might want to take a look at that.  It's from BBC, an org you say 
doesn't tolerate cross-platform rendering disparities, but apparently, 
like the rest of us, they do.

 > (Related and listed
 > by none other than Whatshisface Gaskin himself!)

Is the issue described in that report what triggered this thread?

If it turns out to be relevant here, did you try Mark Waddingham's 
suggestion in Comment #1 from the report?

That solved it for me. In fact given the vertical metric alterations I 
chose to impose with the command listed in the recipe, the rendering can 
only come up short on top or on bottom, unless I take Waddingham's 
observation into account. It isn't logically possible to do otherwise 
with a fixed line height.

Also, the behavior described in that report is consistent across 
platforms, so it would seem the opposite of the cross-platform concerns 
that prompted this thread.

If that turns out to be the issue that prompted this thread that would 
be excellent, as a single checkbox click will take care of it.

PS: You don't have to use my name, but while you may be comfortable 
calling me "Whatshisface Gaskin" I doubt you'd welcome anyone here 
calling you "Dunning-Kruger Cole".  Let's not go there.

You might consider taking a little break, Sean. Come back when you're in 
a mood to engage with your colleagues as professionally as you do with 
your clients.

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