Cross Platform Font Layout - current workarounds

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Although i am not the original creator of this topic, I think this really is a very interesting article.

But there is a caveeat. The licensing of commercial fonts very often does not allow modification of the font.
And if in the rare case the modification is allowed, then normally it is only allowed to use the modified font then for internal business or private use and a distribution or transfer is not allowed.

Anyway, a very interesting article, which at least gives a clue how to resolve the layout out problem.


> Am 25.08.2020 um 20:51 schrieb Mark Waddingham via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> On 2020-08-24 21:49, Sean Cole (Pi) via use-livecode wrote:
>> My client provided the font they needed in line with their tv show brand.
>> They need the app to work both PC and Mac. It seems I have to manually go
>> through each field, button and widget and make sure they are laid out
>> properly. The left, right, center alignments don't always match and the
>> vertical position certainly never matches.
> I suspect the main issue with vertical alignment here is to do with the font.
> This very readable article contains the relevant information here as well as how the problem can be resolved:
> <>

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