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What make you say I will? iChat reason for I have to Trust what you say. There is NO WAY there have been no bugs in the software unless it’s perfect. The fact there is only 16 bugs listed under LCFM tells a massive story that no one is effing using it. The forums are empty other than people on the FM one saying it’s not worth bothering with - unless you can point me to crap load that says otherwise  There is NO WAY that people are using it and not asking question about how to use it unless ALL ATTENTION of the LC team has been drawn away to it to the detriment of everyone else in this community meaning that the other things have effectively become abandonware. There is literally No Evidence to back up your optimistic claims of fortitude. PLEASE prove me wrong, I beg of you! Heather has done a shed load of Blog posts on the LCFM site and NOTHING on the standard LC site! HTML5 Deployment, which i am completely dependent on except for a few other little projects here and there, is simply not being worked on despite several reassurances from the mothership it ‘would’ be worked on. PLEASE, prove me wrong!! Because at the moment it has left me REALLY peaved off that the only thing they have fixed is the frikin delete key when none of the other modifier keys, arrow keys, escape key, copy paste, or other simple tings have been done. In over six months since I was sat at a table with Ian from LC and literally showed him face to face the issues with it. 

With respect, from experience, anyone who says ‘some day you will’ is full of crap (like some 3yr old shaking his fist at you)! Empty words. Show me the evidence. I’ve dug deep and find nothing. 

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> I'd hardly call 16 bugs "abandonware". They've fixed far more than that. LCFM is important. I know you don't believe it, but some day I think you will.
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