ProtonMail vs Apple

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Aug 14 14:46:05 EDT 2020

Lagi Pittas wrote:

> If you sell a $10,000  worth in the second year you get $8500 without
> having to spend as much on advertising.


The app store is a directory, not a substitute for marketing.

Simply having one of a few million indistiguishably-uniform records in a 
database is insufficient to market a product.

Relying on directly listing alone is the equivalent of any business 
choosing to do no marketing because they're in the phone book.

I can't figure out where this notion that simply being in a directory is 
some sort of instant gold mine, but it may correlate with the number of 
answers provided here about anyone making more than $500 from ad revenue 
from apps, which was zero. ;)

Mature businesses often have 2/3 to 3/4 of payroll in marketing and 
sales.  Startups can get by with half.  Less than that increases the 
odds of being one of the 60% of apps in the app store that never get 
downloaded at all.

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