More Standalone Building Weirdness...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Aug 12 14:31:37 EDT 2020

I have a stack that when I build into a Windows Standalone (only 
Windows) in LC 9.6.0 under Windows, the dialog that says "Attaching 
Engine..." never finishes.

The Standalone gets built and runs properly, but the "Attaching 
engine..." dialog in the building process never finishes (waiting over 
an hour for a tiny stack) and I have to bring up teh Task Manager and 
force the LiveCode app to exit.

Anyone seen anything like this? Have any idea what causes it?

Since the app does get built and runs fine, and I am under a deadline, I 
don't really have time to troubleshoot it. It is easier to just force LC 
to exit, but if someone has seen this and knows the cause, please let me 

Thanks in advance.

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