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I forgot we had a lawyer in our midst. So is Apple a monopoly in the legal sense?

On 8/10/20 3:45 PM, doc hawk via use-livecode wrote:
> Jerry jesticulated,
>> Are you sure? The W12 used in some Bentleys is made by VW, and many years of Phantoms used a V12 of the proper displacement. Of course they don’t talk about mundane stuff like that! <grin>
> But VW now makes “Bentley", while “Rolls” is now a BMW brand.
> In either case, you don’t get the real thing, and the Rolls Royce 8 cylinder engine is now a bit of history . . .
> (And for another odd quirk, Rolls once licensed the GM Turbo 400 transmission for use n both, but made “improvements” in it.  That worked "so well” that within a couple of years they instead just bought them from GM . . .)

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