ProtonMail vs Apple

Jim Lambert jiml at
Mon Aug 10 15:19:39 EDT 2020

Yes, Apple's approach is very proprietary. But it is simply not monopolistic. 
Apple does not have a monopoly on smartphones or smartphone OSes.
What they do have is a very strict proprietary control of their products. Some argue an overly strict control of their products.

I like my Rolls Royce Phantom, but it's so unfair of Rolls Royce not to offer a Phantom with an engine from Volkswagen! ;)

As a consumer or developer if one doesn't like Apple's products and policies simply choose to buy and develop elsewhere. If enough folks do likewise, Apple will soon change as sales plummet. They did this back in the 90s when they were hanging by the thinnest thread and allowed other vendors to sell Mac-compatible hardware.

And yes, our laws may indeed need to be adapted for 21st century realities.

I'm going to stop now and this is recursion! ;)

Jim Lambert

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