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People saying that there are Apple competitors in the App Store are missing
some crucial details. First, since Apple takes 30% cut of all ecommerce
that passes through it, it basically means that competitors can't really
compete with Apple owns offers that don't need to go through that fee.
Imagine if you sold a product and all your direct competitors also gave you
30% of their earnings. They can't really compete.

Another problem is that Apple will change/tweak iOS APIs to benefit their
own services, that is expected but it is not fair. If you control the
device, the operating system, the programming languages, and the
marketplace, and a lot of services, you can make them move together and
competition be damned. This was the case with browsers, Apple allowed its
own Safari browser to use a more modern and powerful webengine and forced
every single other browser to use an outdated webview. This is no longer
the case but this was the case for years.

You can't compete when Apple can pull the rug from under your feet for
their benefit. They can cite whatever reason they want since there is no
oversight and they are not really accountable to any agency or standard
body. This affects LiveCode and every single other third party app creation
toolkit. Apple can simply create a boatload of new API changes in tandem
with their services and only tell third-party vendors when it is to late to
ship a competitor in time. While you're busy patching your software to
please the App Store Gods, Apple is there poaching your users to their
service. The only time they failed to do that was with the dumpster fire
that was Apple Maps.

As Richard said, our current wording and practices regarding monopolies,
and other unhealthful industry practices, is outdated and was not meant to
serve the 21st Century. They were created when factories and physical goods
and in-person services were the most advanced stuff out there. They were
never meant to cope with the advances of the information age. Even with the
little bells splitting and other similar cases, current day monopolies and
unhealthful companies don't exactly match what we have been told a monopoly
should look like while still benefiting from monopoly-like advantages.

There is no such thing as a good company. Companies exist for their own
benefit and the benefit of those who own shares in it. Apple PR machine
makes it sound like a fantastic thing, it is not, it is just a company. For
example the whole privacy angle that Apple is exploring now is just an
attack on Google because no way that Google can counter any of that since
it is an ad revenue company, it can't play the privacy card. You might like
the products, you might make a living out of them, that is OK, but don't
believe that Apple is nothing but another ruthless and aggressive SV
company that will bring its "attention" to you if you try to make it
relinquish even an ounce of control over its monopoly.

A lot of your life passes through these devices. Developers and users need
more agency over them.

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> This:
> "PC and Mac users have assumed for decades that they could choose whatever
> they wanted to see, hear, and play on their own computers. But with iOS,
> Apple tried to avoid surrendering that level of openness, at least for
> content viewed through native apps."
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> > "Apple’s antitrust woes stem from its obsessions with control and money"
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