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I've been working on mobile apps for a non-profit publishing house. Their customers are large 
organizations that buy products in bulk and then resell to their own customers. Thus, the app 
does not sell to users at all, nor does our client.

I made a minor mistake in one of my progress spinners; the briefly-displayed prompt (less than 
1 second) said "Checking your purchases..." and Apple glommed onto that and wouldn't let go. My 
client and I spent 3 weeks and innumerable emails to Apple to convince them that users were not 
purchasing any products from the company who sponsored the software, nor could they buy 
products from any web site related to the company. We had to answer two different 
purchasing-related questionaires in great detail. They finally relented when we convinced them; 
I changed the prompt to "Checking your library..." and it didn't hurt that we got a different 

Google, who has some similar but less-stringent rules in the Play Store, accepted the app the 
first time without any objections.

Word to the wise: if your app doesn't deal with sales, even indirectly, don't use money-related 
words anywhere. I hope the EU nails them; I consider App Store policies equivalent to 
extortion. Apple holds the majority of mobile users in the U.S. and the App Store is the only 
available outlet for apps. That sounds like a monopoly to me.

On 8/6/20 11:46 AM, JeeJeeStudio via use-livecode wrote:
> Hmpff i just read in the news that even Microsoft can't bring out an xcloud
> application due to the apple store rules. What a mess. Only Android users
> will be able to stream games as mentioned on dutch website. I
> think it's going to cost MS to much money to pay Apple ifvthey would bring
> out the app on Apple's store.
> Op wo 5 aug. 2020 02:10 schreef Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <
> use-livecode at>:
>> JeeJeeStudio wrote:
>>   > 1 positive thing then on a thing we don't have in LC and now also is
>>   > removed...the possibility to put ads in your LC created mobile app...
>> "Possible" is a big word. It covers nearly everything.
>> It's possible to use LC Build to support ad network APIs.
>> It's also possible to find saner ad networks that offer REST APIs in
>> addition to binary, so devs don't need to commit as much development
>> time for one vendor.
>> It's possible but less likely that an app not worth monetizing through
>> freemiums, direct payment, or other model will earn enough to bring a
>> positive ROI for the effort of implementing ads.
>> It's less likely that you'll be able to shoe-horn someone else's ads
>> into your app design without impairing the user experience.
>> Lots of things are possible.  Fewer things are likely.
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