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Hmpff i just read in the news that even Microsoft can't bring out an xcloud
application due to the apple store rules. What a mess. Only Android users
will be able to stream games as mentioned on dutch website. I
think it's going to cost MS to much money to pay Apple ifvthey would bring
out the app on Apple's store.

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> JeeJeeStudio wrote:
>  > 1 positive thing then on a thing we don't have in LC and now also is
>  > removed...the possibility to put ads in your LC created mobile app...
> "Possible" is a big word. It covers nearly everything.
> It's possible to use LC Build to support ad network APIs.
> It's also possible to find saner ad networks that offer REST APIs in
> addition to binary, so devs don't need to commit as much development
> time for one vendor.
> It's possible but less likely that an app not worth monetizing through
> freemiums, direct payment, or other model will earn enough to bring a
> positive ROI for the effort of implementing ads.
> It's less likely that you'll be able to shoe-horn someone else's ads
> into your app design without impairing the user experience.
> Lots of things are possible.  Fewer things are likely.
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