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It may feel like a monopoly because Apple takes 80% of the profits in the overall field of mobile apps. Generally, Android users don’t pay for apps, iOS users will. So a choice to NOT develop for iOS has some severe economic consequences that a developer has to think about.

There are many complaints about the Apple process when dealing with the App Store. I am not a fanboy although I do use Apple products of all kinds, but I think that the changes being made are actually done from a protectionist perspective in an increasingly hostile digital world. You may complain about the walled garden and the ‘Mummy knows best’ perspective that Apple projects, but you are the elite of the computing world because you are developers and programmers. For the Moms & Pops & Grandparents out there that have no idea how this magical device connects them with their grandkids, the safety net is essential and required. It might be nice to have a ‘Dev mode’ on the phone where you can mess about - but like backdoors in encryption - can it be done safely with out the bad guys doing exactly the same to Granny’s phone?

Yes, I’m frustrated by the moving target aspects of developing - especially with LiveCode where we always seem to be a version or two behind and playing catch up. But on the other hand I feel a whole lot better pointing my parents at the Apple App Store and knowing that they will be relatively safe with anything in there and that their hardware is also as safe as possible as well. If I want to run Linux and do whatever I want with my hardware, that is my choice. But I am part of the 1% in wanting to do this, and I can make my own choices. I DO NOT want my parents (or grandchildren) to be doing that though. 

Like the TV shows and websites say - Don’t try this at home- leave it to the professionals.

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> That article is an interesting read.
> Still these two sentences:
> Apple is using its monopoly to hold all of us hostage
> Apple’s iOS controls 25% of the global smartphone market (the other 75%, is largely controlled by Google’s Android).
> are self contradictory. By definition a company with 25% of the market is not a monopoly.
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