ProtonMail vs Apple

JeeJeeStudio jeejeestudio at
Tue Aug 4 05:38:52 EDT 2020

1 solution :Ban apple and their appstore. Your users use Apple, aah, to 
bad for them.

First they bought overprized hardware...and the rest you know

Op 3-8-2020 om 23:33 schreef Mark Wieder via use-livecode:
> ...catching up on some reading here. One of my email providers 
> (ahsoftware at has gone public with some of the 
> heavy-handed tactics Apple uses on developers. For example:
> "Apple has now even gone so far as to ban apps from the App Store if 
> they refuse to offer in-app purchases for paid features that are 
> available for purchase elsewhere. In other words, Apple wants a nearly 
> one-third cut of your sales, regardless of whether you want to sell on 
> their platform or not. This was precisely what happened with Proton."

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