Mobile screen sizes - another naive question

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Apr 28 12:18:57 EDT 2020

You never need an excuse with me. On the contrary, having an adventurous 
mind hardly needs an excuse at all.

In fact, where you're headed is a potentially exciting place.

I have a need for something tangentially related for a web production 
tool, where I need to reproduce in an LC lib some of the key benefits of 
CSS Grid.

Having thought about this for some time, FWIW I would suggest considering:

- Both FlexBox and Grid merit attention for design inspiration,
   but between the two it seems most designers find Grid more
   generally applicable, so where they differ consider how Grid
   does things, at least for a first pass.

- Allowing Grid to serve as more than just inspiration, but an actual
   model in terms of properties and how setting those adjusts behavior
   would seem very useful for two reasons:

   - The design work for something like that is the hard part, and
      Grid's design process was thorough, its result very good.

   - A lot of us do both native and web apps, so being able to transfer
     knowledge from one domain to another simplifies adoption.

When I think of adaptation of web methods for native apps in LC, my mind 
often returns to the excellent work of Ralf Bitter with his revIgniter 
framework.  Inspired by the popular PHP-based webIgniter, his 
implementation carries forward the best of what that offers, enhanced in 
ways that make very good sense for LC devs.

Our community could benefit from more things like that, popular ideas 
from other parts of the world re-envisioned in LC-savvy implementations.

If the parts I need for my web production tool become generally useful 
I'll happily contribute them to any more generalized effort toward a CSS 
Grid-like lib for LC.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

Alex Tweedly wrote:

 > Richard,
 > it wasn't that you over-wrote it - the problem was I over-thought it.
 > My excuse is that I have been thinking quite a bit this last week
 > about whether there was a (simple enough) approach to layout that
 > would allow "rows & columns" semi-flow layout to be nearly automatic,
 > and be possible to provide a UI that would make it practical (and
 > quick) to provide extra guidance to such a system.
 > You message just happened to fit into that thought exercise - causing
 > me to over-complicate things.
 > So my apologies. I think what you wrote was perfectly clear, it just
 > didn't happen to be the same as I was working on :-)
 > Alex.

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