Android Issue: Crashes &ANRs

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Apr 26 13:58:25 EDT 2020

I have posted SivaSiva app to Google Play. 

Problem: from the stats we see lots of new users, and then in a few days, those same users are "lost"

I see 

Crashes & ANRs
113   # in the last few days
"Number of times your app crashes or served an Application Not Responding errors". 

SivaSiva accessing the internet for lots of "modules"

Another app on play has 5000 active installs,   it shows 2 Crashes & ANRs  in the  past month. It is "self-contained" and does not have to access the internet.

In SivaSiva, I have built in a  "Loading" banner, first we check for Internet connection with a simple ping.txt file on the server which returns "true"  if it is empty, we tell the user he has no connective  otherwise it displays "Loading...." and wait while TS Net get a 200 response...theoretically the using click loading, and the use it back in the app.  (see function below)

 Now, "at home" I have no SIM card in my MOTOG6. So using wifi, the app seems quite stable.

So question is. Given the apparent "is runs ok on Android with WiFI  at home", it would seem a good idea to send those crashes and ANRs to Edinburgh for analysis: either we have to change our code, OR the spot bugs in the engine that can be fixed.

What is the proper say to tell TSNet to stop the process initiated by tsNetHeadSync? 

I may need to rethink who whole frame work integrate a browser widget the in the app. Send the user off go Chrome using Launch URL... but we get important booksmark from browser widget...

function checkURLAvailable pSelectedURL
   local tHeaders, tSentHeaders, tResult, tBytes,tMsg

   # useful to simulate a slow connection
   --wait 5 seconds with messages
   put tsNetHeadSync(pSelectedURL, tSentHeaders, tResult, tBytes) into tHeaders
   ## get url pSelectedURL
   if  (tResult is 200) then
      return true
      ntInfo tResult && pSelectedURL
      return false
   end if
end checkURLAvailable


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