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You can certainly create a group and set its backgroundbehjavior, then "place" it on any or all existing cards. This assumes that the group comes after the multi-card stack. Then any changes to the physical structure of your group will appear in all instances.
But I am not sure how you would separate the scripts of such a group. Others may know better.
You can always, however, tailor the group script to detect the card it is on, and execute only what is pertinent to that card. In the group script:
on mouseUp  switch the number of this cd    case 1      answer random(999)      break    case 2      answer any item of "cat, dog,42"      break  end switchend mouseUp

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I have a stack with multiple cards (not part of a background) and I want to place a group on each card—the same group--AND be able to edit a single group script.  And ideally, I would be able to configure as needed the controls of all instances of the group from a single location.

For example, I have a glossary in a separate stack in another window, but now want to incorporate that stack to display as a pop-down in the main stack window on each (non-background) card. 

In testing, I’m seeing each placement of the group now as a new object.

This is for both Mac and Windows.

What would be my options to manage this?


Peter Bogdanoff
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