Android Release Requires 21 but 911 Devices Get Dropped?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Thu Apr 23 02:40:23 EDT 2020

On 17/04/2020 20:58, Ralph DiMola via use-livecode wrote:
> From the release notes: 4.x support is dropped. That represents 5% of all
> active installs but may be a higher percentage of devices.

It very much depends where you're looking (or more to the point, where you're 
looking to distribute). It obviously varies widely by region.

E.g. Worldwide, according to 
Android 4.4 is 6.9% (of all Android, not of all mobile), and earlier versions 
together add up to 3.8%. But US only 
4.4 is just 0.68% of all Android.

E.g. using Device Atlas data from Q2 2019 gives Android 4.4 
share (nothing below 4.4 is registered) as:
	Egypt 		7.80%
	Indonesia 	5.59%
	South Korea 	4.32%
	Romania 	4.04%
	Argentina 	3.27%
	South Africa 	2.47%
	Nigeria 	2.42%
	India 		1.53%

These numbers are percentage of all mobile (i.e. including iOS). These 
countries are the only ones for which Android 4 registers. For the UK, the 
oldest recorded version is Android 5.1 on 1.5%; for US it's Android 6 on 2.61%.

Ralph, can you give more information about that "5% of all active installs" 



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