Testing spell checking with Hunspell Extension

Trevor DeVore lists at mangomultimedia.com
Wed Apr 22 19:05:43 EDT 2020

Hi Everyone,

I've been working on an LCB extension which wraps the Hunspell library.
This library is used for spell checking.


I have finished a first pass that works on my Windows 8 and 10
installations with LiveCode 9.6dp-4 32 and 64-bit. I would be interested in
having some other people test it out to see if it works for them. I'm
hoping that those with Windows versions of LiveCode that support LCB could
test it out and see if everything works in the test stack. The Github repo
is at the url below and there is a section titled "Testing" which explains
the steps.


The extension is available under an MIT license and it would be nice to
have some others look over the code, make some improvements, compile a
Linux .so, etc.

The repo includes a French dictionary for testing. There are lots of
dictionaries available for Hunspell, however. I've downloaded dictionaries
from https://extensions.openoffice.org before. I also came across this
github repo today which has a large list of 90 compatible dictionaries:


Trevor DeVore

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