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Wed Apr 22 12:34:29 EDT 2020

On 2020-04-22 17:00, Graham Samuel via use-livecode wrote:
> As usual, the problem will be my fault, but I can’t get a mobile input
> field to appear on a card. I’m debugging it at present, which explains
> the answer statement:
>     on opencard -- we dynamically create a field for the user to key in
>      global sinputID -- this is all from the LC lesson. It’s a global
> because I need to refer to it in a button later
>      if environment() = "mobile" then
>          mobileControlCreate "input", "FMyText" -- so the user can type 
> in
>          put the result into sinputID — the Dictionary doesn’t mention
> ‘the result’ but it does seem to be right
>          answer "opening text field for input. ID created is:" && 
> sinputID
>         mobileControlSet sinputID, "rect", “114,135,163,158” — this is
> a real location on the card
>         mobileControlSet sinputID, "visible", "true"
>         mobileControlSet sinputID, "opaque", "true"
>   end if
> end opencard

I'm pretty sure if you give your mobileControl a name (FMyText) in this 
case, then that is the only way you can refer to it. You can only use 
'the result' of the Create function *if* you didn't give it a name.

So you need to do either:

   mobileControlCreate "input", "FMyText"
   mobileControlSet "FMyText", ...


   mobileControlCreate "input"
   put the result into sinputID
   mobileControlSet sinputID, ...

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