Issues with Mobile Native controls

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Well, looking at my iPhone, there are many many designs for apps, but there are very often (OK, not always) tidy little icons which lead to settings/preferences or give information, or make it clear that you can close something. I don’t know if my finger uses them as buttons exactly, but I find the idea of touching one to make something happen to be perfectly intuitive. And nearly always these are unclunky little objects taking up a minimum of screen real estate. I would like there to be a library of such things, and hoped they’d be SVGs. Still hoping.


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>> I know Apple and Google have designs that are looking for the "Wow, new look!" ...  but frankly e.g. their flat new button style (we used in the web for a recent UI) ... people did realize it was a button! To make such a subtle distinction (graphically) between a "touch link" and  "label" gets you nothing but N number of people not clinking!
> One of the basic tenets of UX design is "make buttons look like buttons"
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