What makes everything on a card unresponsive?

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> Any ideas welcome, including a debugging strategy.

I use:

--quick a dirty value check
 answer “VariableName:” && tVariable

—did my code get this far
answer “Handler name, label that may provide extra context”

Sometimes the remote debugger works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it does, you breakpoint will fire in your app and show up in the LC IDE

You can open the console app on your Mac. On the left side of the console, you will see your plugged in device. Click on that.
Any empty puts like:  put “My code got this far”
These will output to your console.

—debug field
I put a field called “debug” on a card I am working on. I can output what I want to that field when I want to check the state of things.

These are some tools I use to work on mobile. 

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