LC 9.6.0 (dp4) - cannot set the URL of an iOS native browser if it was previously set to empty

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Apr 19 14:06:28 EDT 2020

This looks a lot like the bug in the browser widget in LC dp3 which was fixed for dp4:

On 4/18/20 12:52 PM, HENRY LOWE via use-livecode wrote:
> Took me some time to track this one down, so I thought that it might be helpful to know in advance:
> With LC 9.6.0 (dp4) after setting the url of the iOS native browser (not the Browser Widget) to empty, one cannot set the browser’s url to another value.
> Example:
> MobileControlSet "rkWebView","URL”,empty
> MobileControlSet "rkWebView”,”” <https://www.livecode.xn--com,empty-nc0e/> - page fails to load (blank display and browser url is empty)
> This has been confirmed as a regression: <>

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