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Mark Wieder ahsoftware at
Sat Apr 18 20:26:40 EDT 2020

On 4/18/20 1:56 PM, hakan at wrote:
> When teaching my students about hybrid apps I usually do a session 
> called "Vad är klockan vart då?" (What is the time where?) Where we have 
> a globe in a browser widget, that you can spin and tap. When you tap a 
> location we have a clock-widget set to the current time at that 
> location. The globe is driven by d3js, which is a really powerful 
> visualization library written in JavaScript. Without resorting to 
> builder or embedding some other graphic library I don't think that would 
> be possible at the current state of LiveCode graphics. But on the other 
> hand it is really nice to see how easily you can combine the browser 
> widget with LiveCode.
> So to conclude I also would suggest to resort to a browser widget and 
> then add something like:
> (Built with threes)

There was an amazing demonstration of data visualization using threejs 
at SCaLE last month. I got hooked right away.

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