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I never use visual effects, but I think you may need to go to the dictionary.
One thing it says is:
 "The visual effect command affects only navigation within a window. If you want to create a transition effect when moving between stacks, use the window form of the go command :
visual effect wipe downgo stack Index in window Part 2 -- replaces stack on screen
So I think it is a matter of usage. I bet you will find your way through.

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I’m having trouble wrapping my head around visual effects. I’ trying to hide and show stacks using visual effects. 

Consider this in a button:

on mouseUp
  wait 1 second
  set the visible of homeStack() to false 
  lock screen
  set the visible of homeStack() to true
  unlock screen with visual effect reveal down very slow
end mouseUp

homestack() simply returns the file path of the main stack, which this button is on. 

The visual result is indistinguishable from simply showing and hiding the stack. 

Bob S

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