Android Release Requires 21 but 911 Devices Get Dropped?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri Apr 17 13:53:04 EDT 2020

I wonder if I did something wrong. Just releasing a new version of SivaSiva to the stores...

Using 9.6.0 dp 4  -- which contained an important bug fix for the javascript handlers in the browser widget.

I want prompted that I need to upgrade for SDK18 to SDK21.

With no  apparent option to do otherwise.

Now at my Google Release console it is saying that 911 devices will be unsupported

"Doesn't support framework version <uses-sdk>
21 and onwards"

It includes a fairly high percentage of devices: 

9.5% of  phones and
13.9% of tablets

Perhaps that just what it takes to keep going forward. 
But maybe I did something wrong?


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