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Mon Apr 13 20:38:28 EDT 2020

As Richard said:

> LC's Player control uses the host OS's playback engine, so as long as
> the OS-supplied media player can handle a format, LC should be able to
> as well.

For clarity, I would add that the mp3 files to be played could be included
with a standalone package on platforms like macOS (app bundle resource
folder) and Android (inside the app/zip folder) so there wouldn't be any
mucking about for the user. Another method to include them is to encode the
files as Base64 and store them in a custom property in your stack, then
extract them to the system's temporary directory or the app's preference
directory and play them from there.
Also, there is a (mostly complete) library written in LiveCode script for
reading (and writing, but that's the unfinished bits) ID3 tags and other
info directly from the binary data of mp3 files.

On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 1:10 PM Graham Samuel via use-livecode <
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> Pardon my ignorance, but Is there really no way to put an mp3 sound into a
> stack as an audioclip and play it? Seems unlikely, but that’s what the
> dictionary says. WAV, forsooth!
> Graham
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