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Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Mon Apr 13 01:57:49 EDT 2020

On 2020-04-13 02:23, Neville Smythe via use-livecode wrote:
> But no, it shaved only 1 second off a 7 second save for styled text
> (elderly MacPro running Windows 10 VM) So your engine modifications
> must be having a much wider effect, not just on reducing the 3 API
> calls for styled as opposed to plain text ??

Each paragraph has at least one style run - even if no styles are 
applied so this is a general thing.

Most of the text in your generated test (data) stack was unstyled anyway 
(as it uses 'the text of' to replicate the data) so minimizing those API 
calls should affect all stacks with a reasonable amount of field data in 

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