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On 4/12/20 11:07 AM, Richmond via use-livecode wrote:

> "Just for fun" I exported a sound file as WAV, AIFF and MP3 using Audacity"
> WAV 36.9 MB
> AIFF  36.9 MB
> MP3  4.4 MB
> which means that WAV and AIFF stink about 9 times more than MP3

For the record, mp3 is a lossy format while WAV and AIFF are lossless. 
And your file size will depend on the bitness of the compaction.

> NWO: as Audacity is Open Source:
> and can import, read and export sound files in MP3 format . . .

The mp3 format used to be "protected" by patent licensing but was set 
free a few years ago, so is now available for general use.

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