Apps to fight COVID-19

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Fri Apr 10 19:18:59 EDT 2020

The illustrations from Google in that article are goofed up. I don't know whether Google did it or TechCrunch.

The gray background confuses things. The "few days later" goes left to right not top to bottom.

The order should be...

Alice and Bob meet...
Their phones exchange...
	A few days later...
Bob is positively...
With Bob's consent...
Alice continues...
Alice's phone...
	Sometime later...
Alice sees a notification...
Alice's phone...

I'm not saying that is the best way, only that the description of the procedure outlined by Google is confusing.

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>>> Apple and Google adding contact tracking to their OSs
>> From my limited understanding of this, Apple and Google are creating an
>> API which will be part of the OS. And then it's up to developers to
>> create apps and convince users to download them (Apple gets their 30%
>> off the top, no?). So at best we have reporting from the set of users
>> who have decided to opt in, download an app, and accept the app's
>> permissions.
> Here are some additional details. Seems like a good thing they are doing.
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