Mobile screen sizes - another naive question

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Thu Apr 9 11:38:03 EDT 2020

Folks, yet again I don’t know where to look for an answer in the LC documentation.

The issue is the enormous variety of screen sizes on smart phones. For example the iPhone XS Max has 1242 pixels width, the iPhone 5 has 640. And there are many many more before we even get to tablets…

The question is, how do most of you tackle this, and does LC help? Obviously an object taking up a fixed number of pixels on one phone will look absurdly large or small on another one, or of course may not fit on the screen at all. Not all objects can be vector drawings, and the ones that are still have to be resized according to device

Is there anything better than the obvious trick of resizing everything in sight when the app is being initialised, including substituting the more sensitive graphics from a library of appropriate sizes? Seems tedious.


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