Old Fossil seeks fast track assistance

Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
Thu Apr 9 11:23:05 EDT 2020

Devin. I was too optimistic in thinking things would now go smoothly! I would very much appreciated your advice on the following:

Following your advice to your students, I have downloaded and installed the latest XCode I can use on my Mac, which is 10.1. I have set the mobile preferences of my LiveCode 9.5.1 Indy to point to the developer section in the XCode app as you instruct (to be certain, I deleted the default and input the info afresh). I can open a simulator for any of my target iPhones -  but when I try to set the Standalone settings for my current project, I am unable to select iOS as an option, and indeed I don’t see a detailed set of parameters but just a simpler window. (I think it’s called the General Settings) In fact I find that I can’t add or subtract any platform, although I notice that Mac, Windows and Linux all have a green checkmark, which I don’t want! There is supposed to be a Mode Selector accessed by the top left button on this screen, but I am not seeing it.

I suppose there must be something wrong with my project, which is at an early stage, but features an iPhone shaped card with some buttons on it, at least!

I suppose the answer is very very simple, but I have not been able to find it. I just can’t see what I’m doing wrong, and if there’s anything in the LC documentation about this, it is not obvious, nor do the LC preferences settings help.

Sorry for the interruption - I hope you (or someone else on the list) can help as I am now completely stuck as far as proper testing goes.


> On 6 Apr 2020, at 16:55, Devin Asay via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com <mailto:use-livecode at lists.runrev.com>> wrote:
> Graham,
> I’ve just been through this gauntlet with my students. I provided some links and lessons for them at http://livecode.byu.edu/mobile/test-deploy-links.php <http://livecode.byu.edu/mobile/test-deploy-links.php>. I found the process for setting up Android a little fraught with pitfalls, so I created an expanded instruction sheet for Android setup, linked to that page.
> I’m staying with the latest Stable version of LiveCode for my class, 9.5.1. I’m running on Mac OS 10.14 Mojave. With this setup I have to use Xcode 10.1.
> As a refresher, on developer.apple.com <http://developer.apple.com/><http://developer.apple.com <http://developer.apple.com/>>, you need to create your iOS developer certificate, register all of the UDIDs for your iOS devices, then create a wildcard provisioning profile for testing your apps. The provisioning profile must include all devices you want to test on.
> A collection of links of instructions for distributing mobile apps: http://livecode.byu.edu/mobile/mobileAppDistribution.php <http://livecode.byu.edu/mobile/mobileAppDistribution.php>.
> I hope this will all help jog your memory. I find mine needs to be jogged every time I come back to this mobile stuff after a long time away.
> Cheers,
> Devin

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