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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Apr 8 13:45:53 EDT 2020

Ralph DiMola wrote:

> LC 9.5.1
> Win 10 Hyper-V VM with 8 processors assigned
> Stack and data on smb served by VM host.
> Host ==> i7 6700 3.40Ghz 16 Gig
> saving data took  38.46 seconds
> 8.183708 MB
> LC 9.5.1
> MacBook Pro Early 2011 OSX 10.13.1 16 Gig
> Stack and data on smb served by the aforementioned Win 10 VM host.
> saving data took  0.400926 seconds
> 8.183708 MB

Thanks for testing that, Ralph.

If you use this script, what do you get with a second run with the Shift 
key down to measure only a straight write, separate from the "save 
stack" routine?:

on mouseUp
    put word 2 of the long name of stack "data" into fName
    replace quote with "" in fName
    if the shiftKey is "up" then
      put the long seconds into t0
      save stack "data"
      put the long seconds - t0 into t1
      put "saving data took " && t1 && "seconds" into fld "timeInfo"
      put 0.000001*(the length of URL ("file:" & fName)) && "MB" into fld
      put url ("binfile:"&fName) into tData
      put the long seconds into t
      put tData into url ("binfile:"& fName)
      put the long seconds - t
    end if
end mouseUp

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