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Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at iotecdigital.com
Tue Apr 7 13:42:01 EDT 2020

Richard, I can verify that my mainStack is pretty big in terms of objects and code. When I create a standalone for Windows however, it breaks out all the substacks into individual stacks, and the saving just the mainStack in a Windows standalone still takes longer than saving the entire Mainstack with Substacks on the Mac. 

As a countermeasure, I suppose I can work on getting all the scripts I can moved into script only behaviors. I still make extensive use of Datagrids however which have a lot of objects. Most of my substacks have multiple grids and the main stack has 7. 

I will also say that I have seen a considerable speed difference between Mac and Windows when expanding a fairly large zip file contains lots of individual files and folders (copier firmware to be exact), so I do not thing the issue is with the LC engine, or at least not entirely. It’s so prevalent that I don’t even use windows to expand these files anymore. 

Bob S

> > Yes we see this. But as you know in 2018 I reported this slow saving
> > of stacks under Windows10, using LC timing of just the save handler
> > rather than the visual perception of the screen update, and it has
> > been confirmed as a bug.  bug 21305 <https://quality.livecode.com
> > /show_bug.cgi?id=21305> The time to save is extreme for large stacks.
> > It took some time for QualityControl to confirm, because apparently
> > it doesn’t seem happen on every Windows 10 installation - just every
> > one  that I or my users have tried. It has not been fixed since 2018.
> Thank you for the link to that report, Nevile.  While I have been a subscriber to it I also follow many reports, so your link is very helpful.
> I was eager to run the test stack there, but discovered there isn't one.  I don't mind creating one, but it would be helpful to know what's required.
> Have you seen any difference between a stack with little content but a large number of objects vs one with a small number of objects but a lot of text or images?
> Once I can reproduce the test, I'll modify it to isolate the time devoted to stack files separately from other file I/O for equivalently-sized files.
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