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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Apr 6 15:06:50 EDT 2020

Thanks for the example, Bob.  Yes, it does seem very conclusive.

Do you know if there's an existing bug report for this?

I've seen a few other Win-specific reports, but the ones I recall were 
mostly about file I/O, and I don't recall one for network I/O.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > Hi Richard.
 > Just to be absolutely certain I excluded any other factors, I tested
 > retrieving data from mySQL from a Mac and from a PC using only the
 > Message Box (no UI).
 > Since I am out of the office, I can only test my Mac remotely. I can
 > however remote into the mySQL server at work which is running LC. Both
 > are v9.5.1 Community.
 > With the Mac I am getting as low as 295 milliseconds to query my
 > entire database of customers and retrieve it as an array. On the
 > actual server where the mySQL database resides, I am getting over 1000
 > milliseconds.
 > Querying for only 1 record from the same database, I’m getting 123 and
 > 865 respectively. To ensure I wasn’t encountering DNS lag I set the
 > server host to localhost. I cannot get much more local than that.
 > Even with the added latency of the Internet from the Mac, and the
 > advantage of the PC being the very computer the SQL server is on, I am
 > getting a difference of roughly 7 times slower. No UI updating is
 > involved. It’s a straight up message box script:
 > put the milliseconds into tStart
 > put sqlquery_createObject("customers") into qObject
 > sqlquery_set qObject, "limit", 1
 > put dbQuery(qObject, "array") into aData
 > put the milliseconds into tEnd
 > put tEnd - tStart
 > I think this is pretty conclusive. Either Windows networking is for
 > whatever reason, considerably slower, at least for this kind of
 > operation, than Mac, or else the Windows LC engine is the bottleneck.

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