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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Apr 6 12:28:02 EDT 2020

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > In review, I tested saving stacks on a standalone Windows Workstation,
 > a VMWARE VM on a very robust server host, a Parallels VM on a
 > workstation and my Mac. As I am saving the stack, I am watching the
 > folder the stack is in. I see the tilde version pop up and go away. On
 > Mac it’s almost instantaneous. On Windows it can be 3 to 4 seconds.

My messages don't seem to be getting through, because each time this 
observation method of measuring write throughput comes up I post the 
same reply, yet it keeps coming up.  Please confirm if you can see this:

Your application writing data to disk is a very different thing from 
Windows Desktop Explorer automatically refreshing a directory view.

Any GUI file manager on any OS will use some form of timer/polling for 
the refresh, and the refresh rate for macOS' Finder is much shorter than 
the one in Windows Desktop Explorer.

Observing those GUI file managers only tells us the refresh rate of that 
GUI, not the write speed for the app saving a file.

To measure write speed from LC it would be better to measure within LC 
itself, e.g.:

on mouseUp
   put the long seconds into t
   write "somedata" to url ("file:whatever")
   if the result is not empty then
      answer "Couldn't write file (" &sysError()&")"
      exit to top
   end if
   put the long seconds - t
end mouseUp

When run on similarly-configured iron, is there a significant difference 
between macOS and Windows?

When I isolate write speeds in this manner, I don't see a difference 
larger than could be explained by differences in hardware.

But given the frequent notes about perceived differences, it would be 
great if we could pin down the source of those disparities with some 
sort of test isolating the cause.

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