Maximum field height?

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Mon Apr 6 11:34:56 EDT 2020

Touch messages already send duplicate mouse messages. In fact, unless you 
need two-finger zooming, you don't need touch handlers at all. I only use 
standard mouse handlers generally because they wotk on both mobile and desktop.

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> There’s the rub I think. For RunRev (is the company still called that?) to 
> make what mobile objects they can universal, and leave the others as is 
> would then create a situation where developers would have to know what 
> controls were universal, and which were Mobile/Desktop only. It just adds 
> another layer of complexity.
> I’m curious though if a library could be created so that a handler for a 
> mobile message (let’s say a touch message) could “translate” into a desktop 
> message? In this way, the app on the mobile would send a mouseUp message to 
> the target.
> Seems crazy I know. I’m just Pea Brain Storming.
> Bob S
> On Apr 5, 2020, at 9:20 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode 
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> But there are features on mobile that don't exist on desktop. LC has 
> provided for things like Android toasts and iOS popups. These things are 
> one reason the language can't be entirely universal; mobile requires a 
> different feature set. But it would be great if a scrolling field would 
> just be a scrolling field everywhere. On the other hand, mobile lets you 
> scroll all sorts of things (images, carousels, etc.) so we'd still need our 
> mobile scroller anyway.
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