Maximum field height?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon Apr 6 09:37:59 EDT 2020

On 4/5/2020 10:48 PM, JB via use-livecode wrote:
> The question is why don’t they make them compatible?  Is their some
> kind of FCC regulation that prevents Apple from using phone apps on
> the desktop?  Back in the HyperCard days there was hyperDialer and
> I really liked it a lot but I think the company was blocked from using it
> by the phone companies or something like that.  Anyway there are no
> replacements and I haven’t seen any others that survived so there is
> a reason the desktop does not have simple phone capabilities.

Apple is absolutely working towards iOS and macOS being highly similar. 
However, if you're hoping that brings increased simplicity of 
application development to iOS, that isn't Apple's aim. The value to 
them of unification is to get macOS app into the same exclusivity an app 
store as iOS. Currently deployment of macOS apps can be through the 
macOS App store or outside of it. iOS app must be through the App store. 
Apple wants to gradually migrate the macOS base to the point where they 
can say macOS apps will only be available through the App store as well. 
Then they can drive the same developer changes on OSX that they do on 
iOS and take their same 30% cut.

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