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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Sun Apr 5 16:53:45 EDT 2020


 > Exactly. Reducing the differences between runtime and development
 > is a cornerstone of The xTalk Way.
 > Suffice to say politely and succinctly: a decade later, LC for
 > mobile remains half-baked compared to what it could be, compared
 > to The xTalk Way that rests at the heart of its origins.
 > There, I said it. Someone had to.

Agreed!!! I had grown weary of endless arguments previously pushing back 
against most LC critiques while the wagons were circled, so very glad to 
see this frankly discussed now.

"Live" Code. Meaning: WYSIWYG between dev and runtime, no 
edit-compile-run cycle, much more efficient. Remember the marketing? For 
us the Users, it wasn't just marketing. It was real, and it was the 
reason and the empowerment. We lived it and used it. Still do on desktop.

But LC has never been "Live" Code on mobile platforms. A big fail. Not 
just the UI, but also the mobileBlahBlah keywords that must be placed in 
if/then branches to avoid runtime errors on desktop whereas they should 
have been designed pan-platform. When these first appeared I was hoping 
they were temporary. Instead they've grown and multiplied, setting an 
arguably bad trend for the future.

That was a huge design flaw or design mistake/bad decision for a product 
called "Live" Code. LC Ltd needs to understand and embrace some key 
characteristics of its own product. It's not just marketing, and it's 
not a HyperCard "Boomer" fad that will (or should) die out 
demographically with younger coders. It's valid, there's a reason, and 
it's so important.

How's that for a "second"? :)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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